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9 days!

        As I was doing my end of the day bus supervision duty on Friday I noticed a student stop to write “9 days of school left” on the dirty back door window of a bus. Yikes, was he serious? Where did the time go? Time flies when you are having fun is the age old saying. I know we are near the end of a school year when we wrap up track and field. Last Wednesday WCS sent 50 students to compete at the Woodstock District Track and Field Meet in Strathroy. Christian school athletes from Aylmer, Clinton, London, Stratford, Strathroy, St. Thomas, and Woodstock joined together in a variety of running, jumping, and throwing events. It was a joy to see students use their talents and celebrate one another’s achievements.  I saw students encouraging one another and show good sportsmanship. There were a lot of parents and grandparents that came along to support the students. The competition was great and in the end Aylmer took home the championship banner. Woodstock placed 4th overall.

   This is an exciting time of the year. Lots of students are looking forward to class trips, project based learning and other displays of learning are going on in many classes. Grade 8 is getting ready for graduation and the rest of the school is getting ready for the grade 8 tribute assembly. There is a librarian visit from WPL sharing about summer reading programs, and the list goes on. Of course teachers are trying to get the last of the curriculum covered before it is time to say goodbye to the students.

    I am reminded that every day is a blessing and gift from God. He is in control and he uses each one of us to live out his plan. I am so thankful that we at WCS can share this news with each other and our students. Enjoy the last 9 days of the school year!

Mrs. J. Hickey- Grade 3

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