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A Brand New Year

It’s a brand new year! Welcome to our new students and staff. Welcome back previous students, teachers and support staff and drivers. A special welcome to parents, relatives, friends, neighbours. We are happy to have your support and share your excitement for another school year. We are welcoming many new students and several new educational assistants this year. Welcome to Mrs. Megan Dawson, Mrs. Wendy deVries, Mrs. Bonnie Bohner, Mrs. Cara Renkema, and Mrs. Janet Scheele. At our opening assembly this morning, we welcomed 22 new families to Woodstock Christian School! This is so amazing. We hope you will soon feel ‘at home’ in this community.
This summer, due to an abundant increase in enrolment, we converted the computer lab to a classroom. Take a stroll through the school and check out it out, along with the other classrooms. We are so blessed to have three kindergarten classes this year. The excitement and energy in our kindergarten/primary wing is tremendous! We praise God for a new year and new beginnings! I am excited to explore our new theme: WALK WITH GOD. TALK WITH GOD. Stay tuned for future chapels, assemblies, and editorials exploring how  we can live for God and respond to his great love for us. Blessings for the new school year.
Carol Verbeek
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