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Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
One of the ways that we measure student learning at WCS is through the use of the MAP test. MAP is an acronym for Measures of Academic Progress. Several years ago, we were using the Canadian Test of Basic Skills to measure how we, as a school, were doing in terms of educating our students as compared to provincial and national norms. The CTBS no longer suited our needs and was somewhat outdated, so the search was on for a more reliable and current test.
  We are now into our fourth year of testing using Northwest Evaluation Association's (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). Edvance (formerly The Ontario Association of Christian Schools) has highly recommended this test for participating Christian Schools. The test is designed not only to compare students' scores to norms but also to measure individual student progress over time in reading,  language usage, and math. The MAP on-line test adapts the level and complexity of the questions to be appropriate for each student's level of learning. As a result, each student will have the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing. Another advantage of MAP tests is that we receive detailed, accurate information about student growth. Over the past two years, NWEA has done some terrific work in building in assistive technology supports. We are excited about the new features for this year's test.
Students will start the testing this week. Testing will occur three times this year, once during each of the fall, winter, and spring terms. If you are interested in learning more about MAP, here is a link to further information:  nwea.org/assessments/map/  and/or  nwea.org/content/uploads/2017/08/Parent-Guide.pdf.
During parent-teacher conferences, there will be opportunity to ask questions about  MAP testing and results as well. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to speak to staff.
C. Verbeek, Principal
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