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Community ~ one the three words in our school’s tagline. Community has been recognized as one of school’s foundational pillars. God created us to need other people and to live in community. In the Bible, there are loads of examples of the importance of living in community. For example, Romans 12:5 states, “so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”
Since I have started teaching at WCS, I have often been amazed at the strength of our school’s sense of community. It can be easily felt and observed at the numerous events and functions throughout the year including our back to school dessert social, golf tournament, chapels, Springfest, drama performances, track and field day, and graduation. It is not just current parents and students who show up to these events, but numerous grandparents, extended family members, alumni, and friends of WCS.
The Winterfest auction was held this past Friday evening, and it was another great example of community! Countless hours were spent by volunteers working over the past several months to pull off this event. Thank you! People packed into the gym for a night of talking, eating, laughing, good natured teasing, and spending thousands of dollars, all for the glory of God! It is humbling to be part of something so much larger than the sum of our individual parts. I am thankful to be member of a school community dedicated to providing excellent Christian education to the children in Oxford county.
Don’t miss out on one of our next community events, Angels Alert! Come join us in early December as we celebrate together the birth of Jesus Christ. Blessings on your week, WCS.
Mrs. T. Bulthuis
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