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January, the beginning of a new year and many new beginnings, is a great time to reflect and re -evaluate our habits and patterns. Some habits and patterns are difficult to break and change. One of our greatest challenges of parenthood is evaluating our children's uses of technology and being effective guides for them. 
"Everywhere I go, I see some kind of technology. It has transformed society, much like the printing press, radio or TV. However, what makes technology unique is that it's so intertwined in our lives that it's unavoidable. Technology was supposed to make life easier. More information at our fingertips. More shortcuts to simplify daily routines. But as parents, technology often makes our lives more difficult. Apps, video games and social media can become a time drain for our kids. They also create a direct - and sometimes dangerous - portal to our children. Instead of enhancing our kids' lives, technology can isolate them and open them up to cyber-bullying and risky behaviours. The goal of this resource is to encourage you to stop and think about the technology your family uses. It will also help you understand and navigate the pitfalls of today's most popular digital platforms and games. Technology will capture our children's attention. As parents, we need to educate and support them in developing healthy technology habits. God, through His Word, tells us to be attentive, be authentic and pursue unity with one another. That's great advice on how to live-and how to act in our use of technology"
This is an excerpt from Focus on the Family's Parent's Guide to Today's Technology 2018. It is full of questions, answers and conversation starters for your family Co to Focus on the Family Canada website to get your free copy.
Linda Westerveld
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