800 Juliana Drive, Woodstock, Ontario

Phone: 519-539-1492


WCS PANCAKE BREAKFaST in support of EDUDEO. Did you know that at least 72 Million primary school-age children worldwide are not in school? Children either live too far from schools, need to work/earn money to support their families, or they can’t afford essentials such as uniforms or school supplies. Our annual pancake breakfast @ WCS helps support our neighbours around the world. This year, breakfast money is designated for Edu-Deo Ministries. The focus of Edu-Deo is on the transformative power of Christian education worldwide. Edu-Deo Ministries (formerly Worldwide Christian Schools) is a Canadian, Christian, mission organization serving children in developing countries with quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview. Education is one of the most powerful tools for reducing poverty. Edu-Deo Ministries promotes sustainable schools by partnering long-term with existing school associations and mission organizations. Their goal is to take the effective tool of education and combine it with the transforming message of the Gospel. Woodstock Christian School, on Wednesday, get comfy, get ready for pancakes, and help us support Edu-Deo! For more information see edudeo.com

                                                                                                                                               Carol Verbeek

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