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Change Your Perspective

Are you ready to change your perspective?
What are some of your routines? What is something you always do each morning? Or what about an evening routine? Maybe even your prayer life or Bible reading has become routine. Are you feeling stuck in a rut, or running on autopilot? Are you finding yourself doing the same things again and again without even thinking about it anymore?
A few minutes into the sermon on Sunday our pastor challenged us to change our perspective - literally! A few moments later the entire church was relocating themselves in new places in the sanctuary! There were lots of laughs, giggles and maybe a few interesting looks. Once settle in our new place I must admit it felt strange but, also got me thinking. 
Isn't life like that. We are used to sitting in the same spot, singing the same songs, talking and hanging out with the same people; just going about things that are comfortable. God doesn't call us to live a comfortable life - He wants us to reach out and step out. This coming Saturday we as a school community will gather for the annual SpringFest. It is going to be easy to mingle with our familiar people, hang out with those we feel comfortable or have things in common  with. But, I challenge you to take this opportunity to change your perspective. Take time to meet someone new. Talk with someone who looks unfamiliar, someone who in fact may be a total stranger! Remember, Jesus himself hung out with the tax collectors, Pharisees, with the children and the widows. You will be amazed at what opportunities God will provide you with to share His love with others if you are just willing to change your perspective.
Marcia Horinga
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