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What business at WCS lately!!
Last week was Christian Education Week. What a blessing it is to have a Christian school where God is the center of everything we do. It was so great to see so many parents at the Picnic lunch on Wednesday. The children couldn't wait for your to come and with special lunches! The weather even cooperated and we were able to eat outside. What a blessing all you parents are to our students! Thursday was Grandfriend's Day and wow, what a lot of grandparents came to visit with their grandchildren. It is so much fun to watch the children and their grandparents interact with each other. The love they have for each other is so evident. What a blessing our grandparents are to our students!
This week, we are having our first ever, Celebration of Learning. The teachers and students have been busy learning, working, and polishing for this Wednesday evening event. The children are super eager to show off what they have been learning at school. Some of the learning on display will be about plants, 3D shapes, self portraits, living and non living things, simple machines, severe weather and natural disasters, legends, poetry, medieval structures and reports, healthy living, Sustainability presentations, art, and structures. We hope you will be able to see how amazing our Creator God is through our celebration. See you all on Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8:00!!
N. VanAndel
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