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Physical Fitness & Health

Physical Fitness and Health
If you were at our Celebration of Learning, you would have seen, heard, and perhaps participated in the Daily Physical Activities which took place in the school gym. Our 6th grade students researched, wrote about, and presented the case for regular physical activity, as it is good for the body, the brain, and for our well-being. God has gifted us with beautifully designed bodies - bodies ready to move! As educators, we have commented that our students at WCS generally make excellent use of our playground and outdoor activity centres. Students are shooting hoops, playing soccer and four-square, climbing, sliding, playing baseball, practising their gymnastics skills, skipping, and playing GaGa ball. They are an active and lively bunch and embrace the opportunity for exercise. In just a few weeks, we will have our school-wide track and field day. Students are spending phys ed classes outdoors in preparation for this event. Please note that this is a school day and that we expect all students at school to be able to participate in this opportunity to run, jump, throw and to socialize with classmates and family. Parents and grandparents are most welcome to join us as well as we celebrate the gift of movement and physical abilities. We praise God that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made". 
C. Verbeek, Principal
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