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A day in the life

A Day in the Life – High School with LCH


On Friday, May 24th, the older half of our WCS student body was able to experience a day in the life of a high schooler – well … almost. London Christian High (LCH, formerly LDCSS) took several of their teachers, students, and a few alumni on the road, headed east and set up shop – literally – at WCS.  The gym became a wood shop and in the gym, students donned their safety glasses, were instructed in the safe use of power tools, and were able to build a Mennonite Marble Machine. What is that you wonder? It is, potentially, a perpetual motion machine using gravity, a lever, and a few wood pieces. Should there be an infinite number of marbles available for it to scoop and drop, it could operate ceaselessly. Students participated in a drama workshop and learned about tableaux. In the geography workshop, they learned about world economies and the use of resources, particularly international trade, and were challenged to think about what it means to be keepers of creation. What a great way to learn a little about the Christian high school experience! There are many ways that we partner with our sister school in London. In November, our 8th grade students attend Grade Eight Day. We partner with transportation services. LCH provides the venue for some of our Bluewater District Christian School sport tournaments. Physical education students from LCH officiate and facilitate our sporting and Battle of the Books events. Many of our senior students go on to Christian secondary education at LCH.  We share calendars and Remind groups. Our staff attend Edvance gatherings together, including the ‘new year kick-off’ breakfast in August each year. Our workshop day was a great way to bring students and schools together to celebrate Christian education.

                                                                                                       Carol Verbeek, Principal



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