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nurture faith...

nurture faith….engage learning….grow in community
“As everyone has received a gift, even so serve one another with it, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10. God has given us an exceptional gift, Woodstock Christian School. Our physical building grants a safe space for children to gather and develop in the knowledge and understanding of God. To support this process, God has richly blessed us with classrooms, furniture, learning tools and beautiful outdoor space. Grade 7 used WCS to reach out and serve children in Liberia. The students imagined, planned for and held a fund-raiser to support the development of a library in Liberia, Africa. To complete this task the students collaborated with our school librarian, Mrs. Dieleman. She informed the students of the needs in Liberia and connected our students with an organization called CODE: Rewriting the story of global literacy. Students used math class to plan monetary and baking goals. The students used geography class and devotional time to initiate an understanding of the ‘injustice’ that exists in Africa. They used art class to design and create posters to promote the bake sale. The students used our school kitchen to bake their sale products. Parents supported the students by volunteering their time to supervise and encourage students in the kitchen. Generous parents sent their children to school to purchase the baked goods. Our school community raised $860. This is a significant amount of money for the development of a library in Liberia. In obedience to God’s word, we focus on the needs of others. Our curriculum allows us to gain knowledge and  plan service. Our community supports our vision and encourages our success. The experience of meeting our goals in serving others deepens our love for God. What a beautiful cycle of biblical education, glorifying and giving testimony to the greatness of our God.
nurture faith….engage learning….grow in community
L. Racicot
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