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Walk With God, Talk With God

As we worked through our theme this year, Walk with God, Talk with God, we learned the importance of knowing God, reading the Bible, sharing with God in prayer - both speaking with, and listening for God. We wondered, "what does it mean to be in step with God?" We learned that God is Lord of all creation - of words and language, of math, of people, of living and non-living things. We learned to pray not only for our own needs, but for others and on behalf of others. We learned finger prayers and acronyms, and to remember to praise the God of creation for His goodness, mercy and love. We have walked with our students for the first year or one more year. As we walk in this world, we trust that the Spirit is going before us. As students grow into the next grade and as we send off this group of grads, we thank you parents for sharing your family with us and partnering with us on the journey. We thank God for the opportunity and blessing of getting to know these students - for their joy, their sense of humour, their creativity, perseverance, their energy, their peace and for all that makes them who they are. To walk in this world requires wisdom and a heart in rhythm with God. Go well students and graduates. Go well into highschool and beyond: Alex, Allyson, Amber, Ashley, Brandon, Brennan, Brynn, Elliot, Eric, Frank, Hayden, Heeyeon, Jana, Julian, Katie, Liam, Malachi, Matthew C, Matthew T, Nathan, Owen, Paige, and Quinton. We thank God for each of you.
C. Verbeek
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