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Field Studies

Field Studies at WCS

It is almost fall, and our out-of-school explorations are about to begin. We are excited about learning about God and his creation in our classrooms, but there is something special about getting beyond our classroom and school walls and investigating, first hand, other spaces, and other parts of creation. As parents, guardians, or grandparents, you are also invited into these learning experiences. If you have signed up as a chaperone for one of the WCS field trips, here are a few items to remember: 

●    Please be familiar with the WCS Code of Conduct as this applies to all of the adults who interact with our students.
●    Be punctual both with school departure times and arranged meeting times at the venue
●    Use your cell phone/device to snap a few photos, but keep your attention on the students, rather than your screen.
●    Be conscientious about sharing photos. Some of our students are on the 'do not photograph' list.
●    Make sure your police check is current. Check in with the office if you are unsure.
●    Be amazed at what God has done. Have fun and learn along with the students! 

                            C. Verbeek, Principal

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