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    Many of us are perhaps tired of hearing about election news. It's been 40 days since the election has been called. We often hear the term "Forty Days" in the Bible too. It is an appropriate block of time. No more, no less! We know that having the privilege to vote is indeed a "privilege." However, sometimes we forget what a privilege it is. I heard two inspiring stories in the last week that spoke of two people taking their right to vote very seriously. Inspiring Story #1: A Syrian immigrant in Toronto became a formal Canadian citizen last week and the next day he went to get his voter's card to ensure he was on the voters' list. Inspiring Story #2: I heard an interview with a very young adult, fighting a serious terminal illness, being the first one to vote in her local Advance Poll to make sure she got her privilege to vote. Beyond all the "political blather" stories like this shine brightly! Parents and anyone reading this, have you voted yet? You have until 9:30 PM this evening!

                            Mrs. Dieleman - Teacher/Librarian

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