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Christmas Season is Here!

Christmas season is here!  It’s a great time of celebrating and showing good will to others. At WCS we have the blessing of keeping Christmas all year! Enjoy the words of this song:


Let’s keep Christmas the whole year through;

Think of all the good we’d do

Light the spirit of love anew

So that all the world might see.


We’d be patient and kind and good;

Understand and nee understood,

Treat each other the way we should

So, we’d live in charity.

Christmas time is a time to care,

Full of love that you want to share,

Christmas time is a time to give,

It’s a whole new way to live!


Let’s bring Christmas to every heart;

Love and joy that will ne’er depart,

Each one wanting to have a part,

What a difference that would be!


                                Linda Westerveld

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