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What's Your Story?

It’s recruitment season at Woodstock Christian School. Last Thursday evening, we held our annual kindergarten information session. Representatives of the Community Relations Team prepared and set out refreshments. Chairs were set up, screens and projectors and presentations were ready to go. Our 7th graders who were telling about their school experiences arrived, spruced up, with cue cards in hand. Board and committee reps were present to be able to answer questions about governance, finance, transportation and membership. As more and more new and potential families arrived, more and more chairs were set up! Various staff members spoke about the everyday happenings at WCS, and the bigger picture, who we are, what we strive for, and how we offer a different kind of education - a school that sees God in everything we do. Education that sees each other as people uniquely made and as image-bearers of God, sinful - yes - but forgiven and forgiving as we experience God's tremendous grace. It is exciting to be able to share who we are, our mission and vision and our school’s distinctive perspective with a brand new crew of parents.  A WCS parent told the story of the nurture her children have experienced here and the growth and learning she has seen. She knows that God is in this place. It made me wonder about the story each of us is telling. We are partners. WCS is our school and we are on this educational journey together. How has your family been blessed? What’s your story?

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