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Christian Education Week

Last week was Christian Education week. Typically this week would have been filled with celebrations of learning, of shared faith, and of community events including the picnic, ArtWalk and Grandfriends Day, but due to the current pandemic, our celebrations were very quiet. (Did you catch the WCS Grandfriends Day video with Granny B? Check out our Facebook page!) Why celebrate Christian education? We teach that all we see, hear, learn, and discover is God’s. As we see God’s hand at work, first through the good creation, through the fall into sin and its resulting brokenness, we are called to recognize God’s work, our sinfulness, and our human task in renewal and restoration. We are called to faith, to learning and wisdom, and to act in community. We are called to action, to transform our world as we live in the time between the first and second comings of Jesus to this world. Being a community means doing this together, with other believers.

Christian schools partner with parents to guide students biblically, in learning more about themselves, about the world, and to grow in faith and discipleship, learning more about God as the Creator, Sustainer, and Saviour of the world. Each student as an image-bearer of God is precious, unique, and complex. As educators, we are called to love, guide, and nurture. We meet students at their level of development and gently urge them onward, providing for their needs as they grow. We seek to teach for wisdom and discernment. It is crucial for students to understand our culture and time, to build skills to live within it, and to live and act rightly and in a godly way, with justice, perseverance, always in community and in relationship, serving God and serving others. It takes a large committed community to provide Christian education, and 'thank yous' go out to all who volunteer, pray, donate, work, and make it possible. God blesses us in so many ways.

Christian education week is a week to celebrate all of this and to recognize that we are not alone in the learning journey. Christian schools across the province, the nation, and the world provide partnership with Christian families to grow the next generation of workers, influencers, and builders. That’s worth celebrating!

                                                                                                                                         Carol Verbeek, Principal




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