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Stand Firm & Persevere

One of the topics that we’ve discussed recently as teachers in regards to cultivating student success is ‘grit’. Biblical words for grit might be ‘steadfastness’, ‘firm’, ‘endurance’. 

What is grit? Grit is not about talent or intelligence. Grit is about passion and determination. It is the ability to persist at achieving goals and persevere when there are obstacles or a situation becomes difficult. According to a leading researcher, Angela Duckworth, grit can probably be taught both in the home and at school. "Kids may have the wrong beliefs and have misunderstandings about skill development…beliefs that stand in the way of tapping into performance traits. When students struggle with a task, they may believe that they lack the ability to solve the problem and, therefore, give up. It is important for students to understand that it is ok to feel confused when learning something new, and actually, it is expected. We can teach students that making mistakes or taking a long time to complete an assignment is a normal part of learning, not a sign of failure.” With a focus on character development, community and belonging, WCS strives to create classrooms that are safe places to be curious, to explore, and learn. There will always be mistakes and failures along the way, but those too, are learning opportunities. 

Resources: TedTalk A.Duckworth on grit & resilience      Developing Grit In Our Students

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