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Reading the Word of God is a practice we as Christians try to do faithfully. At times this may be difficult, especially when our lives are so busy. A common excuse is “Not enough time.” As we are in lockdown there should be more opportunities to spend reading God’s word. There is an acronym PRESS that I came across that helps me to focus.

Prayer - Before going to God’s word, we should always pray. What do you pray for? Anything really. Sing his praises, ask for wisdom on how to analyze the passage you are about to read.

Read - Read through the scripture at least twice. Highlight any words or phrases that stand out to you. Journal about any questions or emotions you have as you read this passage.

Examine - Think about the following questions. “What do I need to know about God, myself and others?” “What do I need to change in my thoughts, attitudes, or actions?” What do I need to do in obedience to God’s leading?”

Summarize - Write down the main points or summarize what God is saying to you.

Share - Who would benefit from hearing your thoughts? Maybe a Christian brother or sister needs to be encouraged. Maybe a neighbour or coworker would benefit from hearing.

Pretty simple, right? Simple yet powerful. I hope this Bible study method provides you with some tools to help you study God’s word.

Mrs. J. Hickey

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