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Terracycle Recycling Program

We have been participating in the Terracycle Recycling Program for a year now. Please collected items below and bring them to W.C.S . They will be recycled and are worth cash. Hang this on your fridge or corkboard to remember what items to collect. Thank you in advance for your participation.

What is Acccepted?

Diaper Packaging Brigade $0.02 Plastic diaper packaging any brand


Drink Pouch Brigade $0.02 Most are Del Monte and Kool-aid but any brand is acceptable


Coffee Bag Brigades $0.02 Any brand and any size of coffee bag.


Lunch Kit Brigade $0.02 Any lunch kit. (not the cardboard covering) i.e. Schneiders Lunchmate Kits


Personal Care & Beauty Brigade $0.02 i.e. shampoo, lotions, toothpaste, nail polish, eyeliner pencils, deodorant, hair dye,

makeup, etc.

TASSIMO Brigade $0.01 TASSIMO T DISCs only


Inkjet Brigade $0.25 Any inkjet cartridges


Digital Camera Brigade $2.50 Any digital camera

MP3 Player Brigade $2.50 Any MP3 player

Laptop Brigade $10.00 Any laptop


Cell Phone Brigade

$1.00 Any cell phone

$7.50 Smart Phones

$10.00 iPhones


Note: All money raised goes directly to WCS.

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