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It is a common response in our community of Christians to say to someone, “I’ll pray for you” to a person’s trial or difficulty.  Some of us who do this may have a different response from our current culture when we offer to pray.  We may feel “shamed” into silence because prayer is insinuated to be wasteful, insignificant, or not really doing anything.  You may be told or it is suggested that prayer is a meaningless promise.


As Christians, we believe in the power of prayer and know it is our first responsive action.  We have unshakable confidence in its power and effectiveness.

“There is nothing trite, nothing minimal about “I’ll pray for you.” To say, “I’ll pray for you” is to say, “I will speak with the Author and Creator of all things. He’s my Father and invites me to come to Him any time. I will speak to Him about those things. I will plead His promises. I will speak to the one Being in all the universe Who has all knowledge and all power and Who is perfectly good, and I will ask Him to help, to intercede, to grant joy and peace and meaning.”

                                                                                                                              Rachel Sikma

 Reflections from the writings and quotes of Tim Challies.

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