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Talking to Youself

When you heard the news that schools would once again be moving to remote learning, what did you say to yourself?  As your children worked at home on school work these past few days, what were you saying to each other?  Were they messages such as…

This is impossible. I’ll never get it.

This is not going to work.

We can’t do this again.

Or were your inner voice and conversations more positive such as…

This is hard, but I got this.

Bring it on. I can handle a challenge.

We can do it again!

Mindsets and self talk have a powerful impact on behaviour and outcomes.  At school, we have taught students a lot about the importance of fostering a growth mindset and developing grit or being able to persevere through challenges.  Unsurprisingly, students with positive mindsets and productive self-talk are much more successful than those with negative attitudes and destructive inner messaging.  Did you know that grit and mindsets are stronger indicators of performance and outcomes than intelligence?  

For most of us, negativity can be our default, and I have to be very intentional about choosing a positive attitude. We can change our mindsets and develop grit!  I try using affirmations, or statements about who I am according to God, to foster resiliency and an accurate outlook.  I invite you to challenge yourself this week to monitor your own self talk and think about how you can foster a growth mindset in your home.  Try some of these positive affirmations…

I am a child of God.

I am loved unconditionally.

I am not a quitter and persevere through challenges.

I have been created with gifts and abilities and can learn from my mistakes.

I will do my best for God’s glory.

I am His.

                                                                                                                       Tracy Bulthuis,  Learning Support

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