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“God created us for expanding community and He calls us to live a life of welcome.”  - Amy Caroll
I came across this quote in my Facebook memories this past week.  I guess it struck a chord a few years ago and struck again now.  (While it may have shown up on social media, I did research the author and she is a legitimate Christian podcaster and writer.)  During the first two weeks of school, the Community Relations team offered a hot dog lunch to all our families, providing an opportunity to do just as she writes - expand our community.   We understand it can be overwhelming when you are in a new school or adjusting to just being WITH people again after such a long absence.   We hope you felt welcome and could place names to a few more faces.  As I stood back and watched it all unfold, I noticed welcome happening in many forms - families inviting children whose parents couldn’t make it to sit on their blanket,  parents reconnecting with others, students introducing their new friends and teachers to parents, or giving tours of their classrooms.  I saw grandparents and other family members filling in.  I saw staff greeting new and previous families, and treating a few bee stings in between. I saw parents volunteering to prepare and pass out the lunch, making sure everyone got one (or two or three hot dogs) - and then cleaning it all up again.    Thank you SO much to each of you!  Your time and effort were a blessing to so many.   As I drove home, my heart was full and I thanked God for these events - to be together, to offer a welcome regardless if it’s your first or your twentieth year at WCS.   As our theme verse says,   “God is able to do above and beyond anything we can ever ask, think, imagine.”  I look forward to how that will unfold over the next ten months.    May He show us in the most amazing ways!  

                                                                                Heather DeBoer- WCS Board

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