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Over the last while, I have been thinking a lot about the word 'legacy'.  One of the definitions found in Webster's dictionary for this word is as follows; "something that happened in the past or that comes from someone in the past." As I've been thinking about this word, I also came across a little devotional written by a person named John Grant from this website: https://thelife.com/devotionals/leaving-a-legacy. In the devotional he says; "Nobody who leaves a great legacy lived a selfish life. Jesus told us that it is more blessed to give than to receive. The world preaches a different message, but if you understand your eternal inheritance, you will be more generous with your earthly inheritance. Your life will be about serving others with your time, talents, and treasures. He wants us to invest in others for His and their sake." Last week the WCS gift survey was sent out to our families. Please prayerfully consider how you can be generous with your time, talents, and treasures.
Mr. Tony Schaafsma
Grade 2 Teacher
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