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Report Card Season

It is a special time of year in our school. No, not the winter season; it’s report card season! Students have been busy completing term ending assessments and presentations, and teachers are busy grading those same assignments. It is a busy time of year for everyone in our school building. This week Friday teachers will spend the day finalizing their report cards.

Assessment is an important part of what we do as a school, and it happens throughout the year. But report cards are another way to help students and parents understand where they are in their learning, highlight areas of strength, and identify areas where students have room to improve. Report cards are also a chance for us to communicate what really makes your child special. 

My prayer is that students feel affirmed that they are children of God, uniquely made and set apart for the tasks that God has given them.

                                                                       Mike Vander Kooi, Principal

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