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Come, play with us!

Come, Play With Us!

The beauty of our Kindergartens at Woodstock Christian School is that what we believe about our children guides our teaching. We believe that children are natural, curious learners created in the image of God!
Special times often occur in the classroom when we see learning connections and inspirations.... and in Kindergarten these are often seen in the children's play. Playing makes learning visible!
But, what is play? It is easy to recognize, but difficult to define! Albert Einstein said that, "play is the highest form of research."
In recent years, much research about the benefits of play has surfaced.  Play.......
■Expands intelligence;
■Is a testing ground for language and reasoning;
■Stimulates the imagination, encouraging problem solving;
■Helps develop confidence, self-esteem, a sense of strengths and weaknesses, and a positive attitude toward learning; and 
■Is a significant factor in brain and muscle development.
As educators, we become learners as we observe, participate in and analyze this play. There is so much to learn about each child. Through this play process, we can see the gifts and challenges that our children have, prayerfully guide them and extend their learning.
On Thursday evening, at 7:30 our kindergartens will open their doors and provide an information evening giving you a sneak peek into our programs. All are welcome to come!

L. Westerveld
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