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Milk Mats Made by Grade 1!

Mrs. Racicots grade one class has been working together on the "Milk Bag Project".  Below is a description of how this program works and a few pictures of our students working together for this great cause!


Recently I was introduced the "Milk Bag Project". Here is a short explanation of how it works. When you purchase milk (set of 3 bags) from the grocery store, the outer bag is what is used. These bags are cut into strips and are interlocked together like a chain. Then they are then woven into mats. These mats are distributed in mission fields to families that need beds for themselves and their children as well as to hospitals for sick patients. Milk Bags are already Antibacterial, therefore the plastic mats reduce the incidence of insect borne illnesses, they are easy to clean, and provide a comfortable and safe place for adults and children to sleep.

 One of the reasons this idea hit home for me and drew me to get involved is that I learned my Opa (before he passed away) helped my Oma by cutting the bags so she could make mats. I was so inspired by them working together, and realized ANYONE can help in someway!!

 There is somewhat of an assembly line that is already happening in our communities, which is how it makes it possible for each and every person to contribute! We demonstrated this very thing in the Grade 1 class, some children cut the bags while others linked the chains and we finished the process by weaving them together on the loom that was so generously built and donated by Mr. Mabbott. The children loved the experience and remarkably they were all very good at it! Thank you to everyone who has been sending milk bags in for this project! Please continue to send them as we plan to make many mats to bless many people!  ~Karen Mitchell



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