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Teachers and snow days....

Snow days: Today was another snow day…for some parents these days are welcomed and enjoyed, a day of taking life easy, relaxing at home and enjoying activities with their children for which they otherwise have no time. For other parents it is a frustrating day of trying to quickly arrange childcare so they can still go to their jobs, or a disruption of other plans, or wishing to see their children learning at school (where they ought to be). Both are very understandable.

So what do teachers do on snow days? Yes, all of us would have loved to teach today- there were so many things we had planned to do and were looking forward to in our classes. However, we altered our plans and instead met together at WCS for an additional PD day.  We continued our work which began last week Friday, in developing a new report card which will better reflect the growth of students during each term and which will be more ‘parent friendly’. We were also led by Tracy Bulthuis in a session understanding learning difficulties many of our students encounter. In order to do our tasks as educators better (teaching for excellence is one of our teaching goals!), we value extra time like today to work together.

Another day of learning ..and teaching at WCS!

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