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Black Light Theater Elective

Black Light Theater is a form of drama using a darkened stage lit only with ultraviolet lighting. The result? A visually glowing, magical show.    This year for electives 7 girls learned the behind the scenes work that occurs to create this magic.  Jocelynne, Janelle, Janine, Kayla, Lexi, Grace and Amber worked to create props using neon paper and spray paint to build a magical world. The brightly coloured objects appeared to be floating and flying around the stage as music played.  Tall buildings grew out of the ground, snowflakes danced and the giant sun made its way across the stage and a strange bird danced and sang Ken Meidema's Tree Song.  If you looked closely at the tree you would see a fuzzy caterpillar climbing up and down the trunk of the tree and a beautiful butterfly flitting about and landing gently on one of the branches. All these props were puppets created and operated by the girls who wore all black outfits, including masks, making them virtually invisible once the lights were turned off.

                                    -Kristin Smit-Klien
Thank you so much Kristin for your work with the elective program.  It was a pleasure watching The Tree Song presentation. 

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