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Once Again-Upscale Resale

As with any celebration, this week started off with some excitement over at Once Again.  We, as Board and staff, were eagerly anticipating our anniversary celebrations.  God has blessed us with a year of being in business and being able to be a part of the Woodstock community in this capacity.  We feel strongly that we have been able to bless the community around us as much as they have been a blessing to us.  With that being said, it was devastating to receive word that there had been a fire at the store.  While the media has stated that the fire was at Once Again, we now know that the fire was in our neighbouring space used by The Little Theatre.  Let's Eat Cake and Once Again have also sustained damage.  This is a loss for all three businesses and all those involved with each business.  We pray that these neighbouring businesses feel the love and support of the community, just as much as we are feeling it.  Keep all involved in your prayers.   We rejoice that there was no loss of life and we are thankful that the Firefighters and Police responders were kept safe.  We also pray that the true value of community may be evident for all three businesses as we each try to  figure out what the next steps are.  It's financially stressful for businesses and it's hard to see all the hard work of people literally go up in smoke.  We will do our best to keep you up to date.  Thank you again and again for your continued support. God is good and we know he will lead us through this. 


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