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I love art!

I love art. I love teaching it, viewing it, learning about it. Each year at Woodstock Christian School, we, as educators, review one area of curriculum to learn about the latest updates in curricular requirements, the best practices in teaching, and if there are omissions or overlaps in our curriculum at the various grade levels. This year, the Arts are under review. 
At our January professional development day, we were challenged to consider why the Arts were important for our students – as learners and as Christians. Some of the ideas we came up with are as follows:  
Art is . . . Worship, Beauty-creating, Doing , Celebrating creation, Reflecting God’s glory, Participating in God’s creative nature, A language, Expression of ideas- a different ‘voice’, Experiencing creative community, Imagination , Limitless - without boundaries, Fun.
Why do you think it is important for your children to learn about, be involved in, and produce art -  whether visual art, drama, movement, or music? In a recent issue of the Christian Educator’s Journal, Gloria Goris Stronks wrote, "We deepen our spiritual dimension by learning or doing new things that might seem to be unrelated to faith, such as studying objects through a microscope...or by allowing ourselves to become deeply moved by art, poetry, and music. These activities encourage an appreciation for the significance of human life and for the great mysteries of the Bible and of creation...The spiritual dimension cannot always be explained in rational or intellectual terms, but it includes a wonderful sense of awe and gratitude." (Vol.53, No.1, October 2013 p.20)
During Christian Education week, we will be celebrating God’s gift of expression and creativity through drama, music, and our annual Art Walk through the halls (galleries) of Woodstock Christian School. Be sure to join us!

Mrs. C. Verbeek
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