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What does WCS mean to grade 4!

1.   At Woodstock Christian school we know that EVERYONE is important and we try not to leave others out.
Grade 4 is part of a choir that can share the good news of Jesus through music to churches and people in the hospital and nursing homes.
2.  In Bible class we learn about Godís love for us but also for people in the Bible like King David.
In science class everything we learn points us to God and we are learning more about what God is like and more about His creation.
3.  Our teachers do not teach us false things.  Our teachers always encourage us to think.
Our teachers make learning fun!
3.  Every morning we have devotions, which challenge us to think and reflect on God and how we should treat others.
We talk to God often in grade 4.  We know that God loves it when we talk to him and so we take the time to talk to him often.
4.  Every week, we learn memory work, which are Bible verses and songs, that help us put Godís word in our hearts forever.
Our school has participated in several fundraisers this year.  Our fundraisers always are for people in need.
5.  We are a loving, caring community at Woodstock Christian School.  We try to practice good sportsmanship in intramurals, sports teams, and gym classes.
Our studentís council plans fun days for us and we always enjoy celebrating them.
6.  We can easily see that our principal, Mrs. Huinink-Buiter loves God.  Our teachers are loving and treat us with respect.
We also try to treat others loving and respectfully as well.

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