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Update: Once Again

It's time for an update on Once Again! It's been a busy few weeks and the work
is not done yet. Many volunteers have helped us with clearing out the store, washing
clothes, wiping down racks, moving furniture...the list goes on. These jobs were
tedious but very necessary and we are so thankful for the help. At this point, the restoration companies and contractors are
busy cleaning the store and doing all the necessary work to "deodorize" the space and some contents. We are not sure when
we will be open, but we will work hard to make it happen as soon as possible.
Through this process, one thing has really been made clear to us (as a thrift store Board and as staff at the store). This
store, this building.... it's so much more than just a place to shop. We are not just in business to sell gently used items at
484 Dundas... it's turning into a ministry. We are seeing how people have been brought together, new friendships have
formed, and how the store has become a regular visit for many customers. The fire has proved that. Customers are stopping
by or calling and asking how they can help. They want to see it open again because they miss having it as part of their
weekly stops. We have a volunteer that has terminal cancer. He was one of the first ones to contact us to ask how he could
help. Being at the store and working gives him something to look forward to each week and he misses that. Wow! We
aren't just selling clothes here, we are possibly adding some joy to someone's week?! That's a great purpose and mission
too. One elderly women who comes in multiple times a week to help out, spoke with a WCS school member (not knowing
the connection) and told her that there was a fire at her place of work and she's not able to work for a few weeks because of
it. She also said she felt a little lost without it. That's reason enough to kick it in high gear and get our doors open for
business as soon as possible. Our regular customers miss it, our volunteers miss it and as staff and Board we miss it too.
The fire was devastating, but it has brought new light to what we are all doing with the store. It's obviously a business,
and our goal is still to raise funds for WCS. However, in the mean time, we can focus on the mission that we have been
handed... to be a LIGHT in our community. God has big plans for us and we are so excited to see how they unfold.
Watch for details on a Grand REOPENING! We promise it'll be a fun event, and the Woodstock Firefighters promised
to help us celebrate in a big way. You won't want to miss out.

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