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Community - Home & School

Community - Home and School!

Our school population of 184 students represents 95 different families. Parents have been entrusted with the ultimate responsibility to nurture and raise their children, so when they send their children to school, they share this responsibility with the teachers and principal. TOGETHER we take this God-given charge very seriously. When there are successes or concerns there is a sharing, a working-together with one another. It's a community working together empowering each child to flourish in God's Kingdom in all areas of his/her life.
Several times a year we have the blessing as members/families to meet together for the cause of Christian Education at Woodstock Christian School. This Thursday evening we will have our annual spring membership meeting - parents, teachers, Board of Directors, friends of Christian Education - to discuss the matters of our school society and to make decisions. At this time, we will celebrate what God is doing at WCS and look forward to the school year 2014-2015!!! We will be voting for new Board members, we will be voting on the proposed budget for next year, we will discuss the different mandates our committees carry out. As well, we will be blessed to see and listen our Grade 8 students (soon to be graduates) present their projects on how to our world can be more environmentally 'in tune' with the way God has instructed us in His word (Genesis 1:28, 29). It will be an evening in which we will be 'in community' in a tangible way!
What a blessing this is - I invite you to make it a priority to attend and pray that God will bless our time together.

B. Huinink-Buiter
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