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Track & Field

Track and Field

We have been busily readying ourselves for Track and Field next Friday, May 23. It is the day that many of our students have been looking forward to these last number of weeks. It is a great way for every student to receive their exercise for the day, as they run, jump, and throw for the Lord. I always tell my students, that even if you are not a runner, or jumper, you can always work to achieve your personal best.
Our primary students (up to grade 3) will strive to meet our school standards which will allow them to win a bronze, silver, or gold award for each event they enter. Since we are using standards in the primary grades, students will not be receiving participation ribbons; they will be receiving either a bronze, silver, or gold instead in the events that they complete. The results of this field day help us to choose the teams that represent the school in district action. Usually those who finish in the first two positions will be chosen for the school team, but many factors such as the results in another age group, or the number of events a student may enter also come into play.
A schedule will be posted in the Parent Link today to help parents plan to watch the events of their children. We are looking forward to the events next Friday (raindate Monday, the 26th), and have two more weeks to practice as we hope to peak and accomplish personal bests on Field Day. More information regarding the day will be found in next week’s Parent Link.
G. Hiemstra
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