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A moment in the day of...

A moment in the day of…..

Last week Thursday, I spent 15-20 minutes visiting each class in session and wish that every supporter of WCS could do the same. Worship time in JK, storytime (Goldilocks and the 3 Bears) in SK, birthday celebrations in Grade 1, math (perimeter) in Grade 2, student presentation on Spiders in Grade 3, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night introduction in Grade 4, Medieval  Era timeline in Grade 5, Math multiplication drill in Grade 6, Literature circles in Grade 7 and Graduation planning groups in Grade 8. I saw God’s love in every class! So, so good!
After this amazing time all I could do was pray. 
“THANK YOU GOD!! What a ‘wonder’ full place WCS is for our precious children to uncover Your works, to experience the love of Christ,  and to find their place in Your story! “ 
Thanks to Mrs. Streutker who takes photos and posts a ‘recap of the School week’ on the school’s Facebook page each week- that’s the way you can experience some of what happens at WCS!
I feel so blessed to be have been called to lead here at WCS!

                            Mrs. Bernice Huinink-Buiter

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