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Science & Creation Studies

Science & Creation Studies Learning: Means by Which We Know God
    On Friday, February 17th, the teaching staff met to discuss science learning at Woodstock Christian School. We enjoyed time spent in devotions, reading relevant articles, discussing current curriculum and Ministry guidelines. In the afternoon, one of the science teachers from London District Christian School led us through an interactive workshop of science learning, providing more ideas to make science come alive in our classrooms.
    God makes himself known to humanity through his general revelation - creation. General revelation does not reveal Jesus Christ or His work of redemption for sinners. Thus there is a need for what is called "special revelation." Article 2 of an old but 'rich' document written in 1561, the Belgic Confession (on the means by which we know God), states the distinction in the following words:
We know Him by two means: First, by the creation, preservation, and government of the universe; which is before our eyes as a most elegant book, wherein all creatures, great and small, are as so many characters leading us to see clearly the invisible things of God, even his everlasting power and divinity, as the apostle Paul says in Romans 1:20. All which things are sufficient to convince men and leave them without excuse. Second, He makes Himself more clearly and fully known to us by His holy and divine Word, that is to say, as far as is necessary for us to know in this life, to His glory and our salvation.
    As educators, we are grateful for the many means by which we can share the wonders of God's creation with our students. Brian Doerksen's song "Creation Calls" speaks into the beauty and majesty of what God has created. 
Lying down beneath the stars, I feel your presence there 
I love to stand at ocean shore and feel the thundering breakers roar 
How could I say there is no God when all around creation calls…

                            C. Verbeek, Principal

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