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Praying to our God: Who is Over all, Through all and in all

    Over the past month or so, the Grade 8 class has been focussing on the concept of prayer. We have studied prayer in Bible class, we are also examining more closely how to pray during our devotional times. In fact, we have also been meeting together with the Grade 7 class to learn about how to pray. We are using the Five-Finger Prayer model to help guide our learning and understanding of prayer.
Each week as the Grades 7 and 8 classes meet for devotions, usually on Friday mornings, we focus on each important area. As I have been preparing to lead the areas in which I am responsible for, I have again been reminded through the Five-Finger Prayer model that God is over all, through all and in all. As we go through each day, immersing ourselves in prayer it is clear to me that God is in control of everything. He is worthy of all of our praise.  God is at work in our lives for which we need to give Him thanks. As we pray for others, we can pray with hope that God will work in their lives as well. We need to constantly bring our sinfulness to God in confession to Him. God hears our prayers for our own needs as well, we need to ask Him for peace with what He gives to us.
    It is a busy time of year for us here at Woodstock Christian School. Science Fair projects need completing, speeches and poems need fine-tuning, many assignments are due and tests are approaching, all so we as teachers can give an accurate assessment of student learning in the coming days. Please continue to pray for each student, staff member and parent as we finish term two. May we all experience our God who is Greater than all things during this stressful time.

                            Mr. T. Schaafsma

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