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God is Greater

God is Greater! He is over all, through all, and in all.
Our school theme for 2016-2017 has permeated so much of what takes place at Woodstock Christian School, our learning and our growing together. God created the seasons and God is in all the rhythms and patterns that we see and experience. On Wednesday June 21st, the sun will reach the highest point in the sky for this year - the solstice - and summer will officially begin. On Friday afternoon at 1pm, the students will board their buses and parent vehicles, the WCS staff will wave them off, and the student/family summer break will officially begin. For teaching staff, next week they will attend meetings, clear classrooms and other work spaces, complete the Ontario Student Records and other year end tasks, and their summer break will begin. For our office staff, the building will become really quiet, until the Woodstock District Developmental Services camp moves in and the construction begins. Their work will continue through the summer. Teachers will pause and relax for some weeks and also participate in professional development and planning. Families will work, camp, travel, work some more, visit, and enjoy the rhythms of summer. May you experience God's blessings this summer.

                            C. Verbeek, Principal

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