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Look Up

Look Up. 

    We are all aware of the distraction and distance our cell phones can or have created with others and the impact they can have on relationships. In November, I was reminded of the blessings that can come when devices are absent from a gathering. 
    During Parent/Teacher conferences we (the staff) were blessed to have supper prepared for us. As a staff we gathered in the staff room to break bread together. We had an hour to look up and meet each other face to face. During that time the room was filled with much conversation, laughter, support and really, over all, peace. It was lovely. 
    It wasn't until I returned to my classroom and checked my phone (that I had left on my desk) that I realized the blessing and the presence of God that existed. It hit me that NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE was on their phone or even had it out. We were truly in community. We were truly breaking bread together. We were truly in relationship with each other. We were doing what God has intended for each of His children- being in and building relationships.
    God has put that deep sense of desire to connect, to belong and be face to face with others in each of us. Next time you are at home, out with family or friends, watching your kids play a sport; etc;  Look Up! Don't miss the blessings God has waiting to pour out on you and those you are with. 

                            V. Body

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