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Responsive Classroom


Did you know that Woodstock Christian School follows Responsive Classroom practices? Responsive Classroom is “a student-centered, social and emotional learning approach to teaching and discipline.” This means that we have morning meetings, a quiet time, and frequent brain breaks. We also begin and end the day together, and focus on building a community in our classrooms that everyone can learn in. We are a school that greets your child at the door, because we know how important it is for students to be known as individuals.

At our PD day last Friday, we spent some time learning about how to better implement these practices. We shared strategies that work for our classrooms, and discussed ways that we can improve.. Our goal is to be a school that is able to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs of our students, and we believe following Responsive Classroom practices will help us do that.

If you want to learn more about Responsive Classroom, feel free to check out their website at  (https://www.responsiveclassroom.org/).

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